A dinner party In Memory of Talbot

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The season 3 finale of True Blood is upon us and I plan to take the season out with a bang or in this case with a fang, :o). This year my finale party will be more formal and In Memory of Talbot (Read about Talbot’s history). My goal is to capture some of his great style and flair in my blood themed foods and beverages.

Talbot’s dinner party menu:

First course: “Chilled carbonated blood. Cruelty free, all willingly donated. Note the citrus-y finish? This one ate only tangerines for weeks.”
Second course: “Carlo bring me that Thai boy.”
Third course: “Warm blood bisque infused with rose petals” meal.
Dessert: Blood Gelato

My Talbot inspired menu

First course: Red Sangria spiked with the blood of a fairy
Second course: Creme of blood soup
Third course: Vampire Beef marinated in wolf’s blood
Fourth course: Riso di Sangue (blood fried rice)
Dessert: Blood pudding

Be sure to drop by on Monday for a look at the pictures from my season 3 finale party and the recipes from my dinner courses.

Tina D.
Party like a Trubie

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