In Memory of Talbot – dinner party pics

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I’m excited and sad for season 3 of True Blood. I’m excited to see the showdown between Eric and Russell and sad that season 3 went by so fast. I tell ya we need more episodes, looking forward to coming back for season 4, :). As promised here are pics for my True Blood season 3 finale dinner in memory of Talbot.
My table is set and all ready for my guest to arrive for our sit down dinner before the show starts.

In Memory of Talbot

In memory of Talbot with True Blood drink

In memory of Talbot - dinner is served

My Talbot inspired menu

First course: Red Sangria spiked with the blood of a fairy
Second course: Creme of blood soup
Third course: Vampire Beef marinated in wolf’s blood
Fourth course: Riso di Sangue (blood fried rice)
Dessert: Blood pudding

I’ll share food and recipe information after all the food is cooked.

Party like a Trubie

Tina D
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