Vampire themed romance: I am currently seeking authors to interview

My favorite books to read are vampire and paranormal romance as well as vampire themed mysteries.

I’m always on the lookout for my next vampire romance or vampire mystery fix. I am currently seeking authors to interview for the following months:


If you are interested please contact Tina or Tweet me @ vamploveaffair

Opinions Please! – Vampires with more gory bite?

Tell us please how do you like your vampires?

Stephen King appears to prefer the gorier side of vampires. I personally like my vampires bad-ass, kicking butt, taking names but still good looking (minus any sparkles of course). Nosferatu is a bit to much of a zombie looking vampire for me.

See other opinions on what a vampire should be on The Bite . Tell me what you think. Take our poll or leave your comments.

Tina D.
Tweet me @ vamploveaffair

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