Vampire Diaries – My review of Plan “B”

OK, I’ll admit I have just been kind of humming along watching The Vampire Diaries as a filler until True Blood starts again next season. On average most of the episodes are about a [rating:3.00] to me. Plan “B” was a bird of a different color, definitely more of the scheming I expect with Damon and I was right on with the character Mason being killed off. Jenna being compelled to off her herself was a big twist to me but the writing was on the wall with the ,Who’s gonna be killed off on TVD Tweets and hints.

I loved it when Katherine told Damon, “I have a plan “B”, a plan “C”, you get how the alphabet goes”. Its a love hate love relationship for me with Katherine’s character most days, after watching Plan “B”, I was like kill the $#&%@.

I figure Caroline will save Matt or he’ll be turned is what I predict for that line of story. It was nice to see the tender moment with Caroline and her Mom and for a moment I thought she was going to off her to keep the secret, glad to see she just took away her memories.

Jeremy is gonna get his wish to become a vampire somewhere along the lines in this TV version of TVD, its just a matter of time since he puts himself in so much danger all the time.

Tyler, I’m still up in the air on what I think will happen next to his character. If he becomes a werewolf, I predict he’ll be on the side of Stefan and Elana and screw Katherine over, he seems like the type who would be sneaky enough.

Bonnie, well she can’t win for trying. I like her spunk but I think eventually she will realize she is right in the eye of the hurricane and there is no way out except to help the good guys. Bonnie, Tyler and Jeremy may be just the right trifecta to bring Katherine down to a level of fear but not completely gone. I am sure once that is done a new immortal enemy will need to be created.

Finally on to Elena and Stefan, the break up scene was a tear jerker but of course we know it won’t last, their relationship will be the boomerang type, they’ll always come back together. With that said and my above thoughts on the Trifecta of resources to bring her down, Katherine will be brought to the fear of God level of those in Mystic Falls but won’t die is what I predict. I’m sure she will be back later for more deadly and diabolical plans.

I give Plan “B” [rating:4.00] stars

Looking forward to next Thursday
Tina D.
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